Raleigh Smoothie Bar

Healthy, Fresh, Delicious ... Taste the Difference that Xpert Nutrition Makes!

1) Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Choose from a Delicious Assortment of
Fruits and Pre-Mixed Fruit Blends.

2) Select Your Smoothie

No "One Size" Smoothies Here!
Choose Your Smoothie and Choose Its Purpose.

3) Xtras & Add-ins

Add Your Favorite Xtras and Add-ins to
Create Your Own Custom Smoothie Blend.

The Story of Michael's search
for Smoothies in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh Smoothie Bar Menu

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Smoothie Bar Raleigh NC Reviews

The Raleigh Smoothie Bar makes the BEST Smoothies in Raleigh, NC and has the BEST prices for its smoothies and extra add-ins.

Manny K.

What a Refreshing and Tasty Treat, the Kids Love going to the Raleigh Smoothie Bar!

Sara P.

Thanks to the Raleigh Smoothie Bar, I've lost 20 pounds by replacing fast food lunches with Alkalized Water Fruit Smoothies ... Mmmm, So Good!

Cheryl B.

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